The Office of Church Relations is primarily responsible for building a bridge of communications to the local church regarding the ministries of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama. This office works hand in hand with the president and legal and administrative officer in communicating the message of stewardship of estate assets. It is a core belief of The Foundation that God is Owner of everything we possess and we are the stewards, or managers, of those blessings.

The Foundation offers speakers for Alabama Baptist Association meetings, senior adult groups, Sunday evening services and more. Basically, you let us know when and where you need us.

Our main workshops/seminars include Stewarding Your “Stuff” and A Practical Guide to Estate Planning from a Christian Perspective. These workshops utilize a speaker, powerpoint presentation and a book. The only cost incurred by the church to hold this workshop is $5.00 per book.

The Foundation can assist you with poster, flyers, brochures and ads for your church program/newsletter to help promote your workshop.

To schedule a speaker for a group meeting or preach a Sunday morning or evening service, email or contact Bill McCrary at (334) 394-2009.