Nathan Ealy

Nathan Ealy, Ministry Engagement

Nathan Ealy joined The Baptist Foundation of Alabama in November 2017 in Development. Nathan has primary responsibility for creating and cultivating relationships in the Northern part of Alabama, although he also works with churches in other parts of the state in generosity development. Nathan is responsible for the development of estate stewardship ministries within churches, as well as assisting individuals in completing their estate plans to help them remember their families and their faith. He also works with churches who are invested with the Foundation or have interest in what the Foundation offers.  Prior to joining the Foundation, Nathan spent seven years with churches across the country in best stewardship practices, annual giving campaigns, and capital campaigns. Nathan received his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in 2002 in Mass Communications and spent eight years in the sports broadcasting industry before being called to serve churches. Nathan, his wife Laura, and three daughters are active members of First Baptist Church in Centre and live nearby in Sand Rock, AL.

Joseph N. Hocutt, II

Joseph N. Hocutt, II, Ministry Engagement

Joey Hocutt joined The Baptist Foundation of Alabama in July 2013 as Development Officer. Joey has primary responsibility for development in the Northern part of Alabama, although he often works in all parts of Alabama. Joey is responsible for the development of estate stewardship ministries within the churches of Alabama, as well as assisting individuals in completing their estate plans to help them remember their families and their faith. As an attorney, Joey is also involved in the probate process across the State of Alabama where the Foundation has been asked to serve as personal representative. Prior to joining the Foundation, Joey practiced law privately for almost fifteen years with three firms in the West-Central Alabama area. Much of his practice focused on real estate law, business law, estate planning and probate. Joey received his bachelor’s degree from the University of North Alabama in Political Science in 1996 and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1999. Joey is an active member of Alberta Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he serves as deacon chairman and senior high boy’s Sunday School teacher as well as being very active in the music ministry. Married to the former Jamie Reid, they have three daughters.

Resources for Your Members

How would you like your members to be able to access LegacyLinc on your own website? Let us help you with this great addition to your Christian estate stewardship ministry. The additonal page to your website can include an image of the pastor and/or church along with an introductory letter, in addition to direct access to the Estate Plan Organizer and information on wills and trust. 

Click on the links below for Alabama Baptist churches partcipating in this program.

Arab First Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church

Dalarida Baptist Church

First Baptist Church 

BrewtonFirst Baptist Church

CullmanFirst Baptist Church

MontgomeryFirst Baptist Church  

NorthportFirst Baptist Church Tuscaloosa


This process has been made simple so it can be worry free for your webmaster. If you are interested in adding LegacyLinc to your church website, please contact Bill McCrary for more details on this program.

Fund Management and Administration

The purpose of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama is to develop, manage and distribute financial resources for the benefit of Alabama Baptist’s mission and ministry efforts within Alabama, other states and around the world.

Fund Management

The priorities of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama are to promote Christian stewardship, assist with the planning and implementation of charitable gift arrangements and manage assets entrusted to The Foundation to provide perpetual support for the mission and ministry efforts of Alabama Baptists.

The Foundation encourages faithful stewardship by:

  • Managing funds entrusted to it in an effective and socially responsible manner
  • Educating people in appropriate Christian estate stewardship and financial management techniques
  • Providing trustee services to facilitate good financial management
  • Encouraging individuals to be good Christian stewards
  • Educating individuals about tax effective means of contributing to Baptist causes while maintaining an income stream for themselves or their family or friends
  • Striving for excellence and continuous improvement in its operations
  • Operating with the highest Christian moral and ethical standards, as exemplified by its membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Fund Administration

The Baptist Foundation of Alabama’s administrative team has a combined experience of more than 45 years assisting Alabama Baptists in the area of trust accounting and administration. The Foundation handles more than one hundred thousand entries per year, insuring clients receive trust and gift annuity payments on time and churches receive the earnings that assist in their ministry. 

Accurate accounting of trust operations is crucial to ensure client needs are handled quickly and accurately. We invite you to become acquainted with our administrative team and email if you have questions.

Customer Service

Always feel free to call if you have questions or need assistance with your account. If you prefer to use email, please contact us at

Mr. Nathan McCarthy is the Investment Officer and oversees the investment of over $200 million in client and Foundation assets. Our administration teams oversee the receipt of monies and payments to clients.


The Baptist Foundation of Alabama offers a variety of services to assist churches with fund management, along with the tools needed to implement an effective estate stewardship ministry to serve their members.

We invite you to contact us and let us help your members unlock their generosity to benefit their ministries.

J. Rodney Bledsoe

J. Rodney Bledsoe, Director of Ministry Engagement

Rodney Bledsoe joined The Baptist Foundation of Alabama in April 2011 as Legal & Administrative Officer; he became Chief Development Officer in January 2014. Rodney oversees all development efforts of the foundation, including consulting with individuals and churches regarding their estate planning or stewardship needs. He also oversees all technology needs of the Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, he worked for eight years as a Computer Programmer for Alfa Insurance Companies. He received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration from Auburn University of Montgomery in 2003 and a Juris Doctor degree from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in 2009. He is a member of the Alabama State Bar. Rodney is an active member of First Baptist Church Montgomery, where he serves as a deacon and twelfth grade Sunday School teacher. Rodney is married to the former Carrie Edwards, and they have three children.

Church Giving Bibliography

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Legacy Ministry

We believe that God is the owner of all things and that what we do with our estates is an act of stewardship. Every Alabama Baptist church is full of believers who have never even considered this. Just imagine the Kingdom impact your church could make by serving your members in this way.

This new ministry in your church starts with a planning meeting with your local TBFA representative.

During the planning process we will assist the local church to determine how best to launch this important ministry to their congregation. We emphasize to the church this is a biblically based ministry – not a fundraising program. The focus of this ministry is on helping faithful givers connect heaven-inspired generosity with easy action. Studies have shown that on average it takes about three years for a church to implement and cultivate a ministry for it to then become a part of the educational fabric of the church.

For The Foundation, this is a commitment to partner with the local church. We recognize that believers will be ready to plan their estates with an eye toward honoring their faith and family at different times in their lives.

We believe the local Church—God’s people—can have a powerful impact on this world. Our ultimate goal is to encourage millions of Christians to be PURPOSEFUL AND INTENTIONAL with whatever God has given them – by connecting their faith with their relationships, expertise, and resources.

Please click here to begin a Legacy Ministry in your church.


The Office of Church Relations is primarily responsible for building a bridge of communications to the local church regarding the ministries of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama. This office works hand in hand with the president and legal and administrative officer in communicating the message of stewardship of estate assets. It is a core belief of The Foundation that God is Owner of everything we possess and we are the stewards, or managers, of those blessings.

The Foundation offers speakers for Alabama Baptist Association meetings, senior adult groups, Sunday evening services and more. Basically, you let us know when and where you need us.

Our main workshops/seminars include Stewarding Your “Stuff” and A Practical Guide to Estate Planning from a Christian Perspective. These workshops utilize a speaker, powerpoint presentation and a book. The only cost incurred by the church to hold this workshop is $5.00 per book.

The Foundation can assist you with poster, flyers, brochures and ads for your church program/newsletter to help promote your workshop.

To schedule a speaker for a group meeting or preach a Sunday morning or evening service, email or contact Bill McCrary at (334) 394-2009.




No matter our age or your stage in life, the Lord calls us all to be good stewards of the gifts he has entrusted to us. The Foundation is proud to be the place where Alabama Baptists come to transform heaven-inspired generosity into ministry fueling action.

“We finally did it! My wife and I made the necessary provisions for our future care. We gave clear direction to our children as a witness to God’s leadership for stewardship for now and forever. And even more importantly, we will be sharing in providing some of the critical funds for future ministry and mission efforts. I am thrilled as well that others in our congregation have followed suit and I am confident that more will. Thank God for the ministry and leadership of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama and PhilanthroCorp. Especially in light of the challenging financial environment today and the serious concern for Kingdom Stewardship in the future, The Baptist Foundation is more vital than ever!

I praise the Lord Jesus, we got it . . . and with their help we discovered how to use it and share it better for God’s glory and His Kingdom growth.”

— Rev. Jack Fitts, Senior Pastor – FBC Brewton


Click here to begin planning your estate.

“I believe we all dread the prospect of drawing up legal papers dealing with end of life directives (for multiple reasons), but the reality was much more palatable than I expected. My goal and desire was to continue the Kingdom’s work and be a good steward of what the Lord has blessed me with long after I’m walking in heaven. The Baptist Foundation of Alabama rendered my

fears unfounded by making the process simple, easy and quick; and, I achieved my goal of leaving a Kingdom legacy for those that follow.”

— Doug Halbrooks – Marion, AL


Click here to begin planning your estate.