While The Foundation has many purposes, its chief function is administering planned gifts benefitting Great Commission ministries and promoting Christian stewardship of estate assets.  Created by the State Convention, we stand ready to serve any person who wishes to contribute to Baptist ministries.

The Foundation continues to grow in exciting new ways, helping pave the way for future generations of Alabama Baptists.  Recently, The Baptist Foundation of Alabama launched the Kingdom Stewardship Alliance, a powerful new resource for encouraging and facilitating Christian stewardship.



  • We desire to serve our members by providing access to Christ-centered comprehensive estate planning services. We will NOT focus on obtaining gifts. By serving our members in this manner and providing Kingdom impacting gifting opportunities, we believe gifts will be a natural outcome for committed believers.
  • We will establish funds within the church that provide gifting opportunities for Christ-centered ministries outside of the operating budget of the church. This could include ministries such as missions, benevolence, scholarships, building acquisition and maintenance, etc.
  • We will routinely promote the idea of Christian estate planning and how we can collectively impact the world for Christ through the collective stewardship of our estate assets.


Core Beliefs:

We believe:

  • God is owner of ALL things.
  • It is God’s desire that we be good stewards of all He has entrusted to us: time, talent and treasure.
  • God-focused, strategic estate planning is the largest act of financial stewardship most of us will ever undertake.