No matter our age or your stage in life, the Lord calls us all to be good stewards of the gifts he has entrusted to us. The Foundation is proud to be the place where Alabama Baptists come to transform heaven-inspired generosity into ministry fueling action.

“We finally did it! My wife and I made the necessary provisions for our future care. We gave clear direction to our children as a witness to God’s leadership for stewardship for now and forever. And even more importantly, we will be sharing in providing some of the critical funds for future ministry and mission efforts. I am thrilled as well that others in our congregation have followed suit and I am confident that more will. Thank God for the ministry and leadership of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama and PhilanthroCorp. Especially in light of the challenging financial environment today and the serious concern for Kingdom Stewardship in the future, The Baptist Foundation is more vital than ever!

I praise the Lord Jesus, we got it . . . and with their help we discovered how to use it and share it better for God’s glory and His Kingdom growth.”

— Rev. Jack Fitts, Senior Pastor – FBC Brewton


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“I believe we all dread the prospect of drawing up legal papers dealing with end of life directives (for multiple reasons), but the reality was much more palatable than I expected. My goal and desire was to continue the Kingdom’s work and be a good steward of what the Lord has blessed me with long after I’m walking in heaven. The Baptist Foundation of Alabama rendered my

fears unfounded by making the process simple, easy and quick; and, I achieved my goal of leaving a Kingdom legacy for those that follow.”

— Doug Halbrooks – Marion, AL


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