The Scriptures have much to say about wealth, stewardship and generosity, and some of it has proven confusing over the centuries. For those seeking to learn, understand and obey what the Bible teaches on this important subject, we offer the resources below.

God’s Ownership and Key Verses: What does God’s Word tell us about Stewardship?
Some of the most important verses in the Bible about money and possessions are categorized here.

Bible Study Notes: Explore money, possessions, stewardship and giving in every book of the Bible.

FAQ: Find short, clear, biblical answers to your questions about the Bible’s stewardship teachings.

Major Themes: Major biblical themes are explained in short essays keyed to specific books of the Bible.

Stewardship Theology: Nine major categories are listed for easy access to relevant articles, sermons and books.

Topical Concordance: This resource is perfect for quickly finding passages related to a specific area of stewardship.

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The story of Generous Giving began in the 1990s when five friends came together, challenged by the question of what could happen if Christians were truly generous with their resources, living out the joy of giving instead of the duty of tithing.