Legacy Conversations with Dave Keesling

The Baptist Foundation of Alabama is excited to announce several presentations of “Legacy Conversations with Dave Keesling”.  Dave Keesling, our guest speaker, will be introducing this special seminar to attendees at several Alabama Baptist churches! For more information about hosting a seminar in your church, please contact The Baptist Foundation of Alabama at (334) 394-2000 or just click here to complete our contact form.

What does Legacy mean to you? One dictionary defines it as something handed down from one generation to another. Said in another way, our Legacy is something of our lives that remain once we have left this world. Some might think of Legacy only as material possessions left to one’s heirs, but Christ tells us it means much more than that. Could our legacy be all of the ways we affected others with our relationships, expertise and resources during our lifetimes? We are each crafting our Legacy daily. Whether we know it or not and whether we like it our not, the way we live our lives and the choices we make will impact others. So, what will your Legacy be? At The Baptist Foundation of Alabama, we are committed to helping Alabama Baptists create a Legacy that will honor not only their families, but also their faith, through a Legacy Ministry at their church.