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DeKalb Baptist Association – Pastors Meeting

Bill McCrary and Joey Hocutt will speak to the weekly pastors meeting at the association office in Rainsville. The mission of the Baptist Foundation will be briefly discussed. Each attendee will be challenged to think about the legacy they are leaving behind, and how that legacy will impact their family. A no-cost legacy planning tool will be offered to each pastor attending. The group will then move to a nearby restaurant for a good meal (paid by the Foundation) and some excellent fellowship.

Mobile Baptist Association Pastors Group

The Baptist Foundation of Alabama will present the program for the Mobile Baptist Association pastors group meeting at Government St Baptist Church. The two speakers- Bill McCrary and Nathan McCarthy- will discuss the overall mission of The Baptist Foundation, the importance of legacy planning for each family represented and offer a no-cost planning tool for each pastor attending. The session will close with an overview of the Baptist Foundation investment program.

Brotherhood Breakfast – Fairview Baptist Church Selma

Bill McCrary will give a brief overview of the mission of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama and then discuss- using Psalm 78- the importance of leaving a Christian legacy. The concept of legacy will be examined in three key areas…relationships, expertise and resources . A practical means to begin the legacy planning for one’s family will be offered , at no cost, to those attending.