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The Alabama Baptist Highlights Christian Estate Planning Through TBFA

The Alabama Baptist Highlights Christian Estate Planning Through TBFA

Montgomery, Alabama – In the latest issue of The Alabama Baptist, Dr. Bobby S. Terry, Editor, published an editorial entitled, “The Greatest Act of Christian Stewardship.” In the article, Dr. Terry describes his recent experience with creating a Christian estate plan through The Baptist Foundation of Alabama (TBFA).

The full article can be found below, but highlights from Dr. Terry’s thoughts include,

  “The need for help in estate planning is great. Reports indicate that 55 percent of all people do not have a will and 71 percent of people under 35 do not have a will.”

  “For me, the catalyst to act was an offer by The Baptist Foundation of Alabama (TBFA) to consult with PhilanthroCorp, a stewardship planning organization based in Colorado Spring, Colo….”

 “PhilanthroCorp reviewed our wills…they raise questions that helps one think Biblically about Christian stewardship. Then they help find the best ways to accomplish whatever goals are set.”

 “For a Christian, estate planning begins on one’s knees asking what God would have one do as stewards of what He has entrusted to them. It requires creative biblical thinking. Then it deserves wise plans for implementation. For me, TBFA and its partner organization PhilanthroCorp were valuable resources in the process. I commend them to you.”

Barry Bledsoe, President of TBFA, said, “We are so pleased that Dr. Terry was willing to share his excellent estate planning experience in the pages of The Alabama Baptist. We believe the pews of Baptist churches in Alabama are filled with members who would greatly benefit from these free professional services. These services not only help individuals with all of the practical aspects of planning, but also offer spiritual insight regarding this important and overlooked act of financial stewardship. TBFA is committed to spreading the message of estate stewardship, and we stand ready to assist any Alabama Baptist interested in exploring a sound estate plan that can honor their family and their faith.”

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The Baptist Foundation of Alabama (TBFA) was founded in 1940 to steward Christ-honoring gifts on behalf of generous Alabama Baptists for ministries in Alabama, around the United States, and across the world. TBFA is committed to assisting givers impact their favorite ministries in the largest possible way. Today, the Foundation administers over 250 million dollars of God’s money given by God’s people for God’s purposes. From providing estate planning services for churches and individuals, to managing financial resources effectively and efficiently, The Foundation is proud to play a vital role in helping share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. TBFA is a Cooperative Program Agency of the Alabama Baptist State Convention..