The staff of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama is comprised of Christian men and women seeking to glorify God and expand His Kingdom through the stewardship of assets entrusted to the Foundation. Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to providing individuals and churches with the highest quality comprehensive estate planning and fund administration services. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


Barry Bledsoe
(334) 394-2000

John Ashworth
Chief Administrative Officer
(334) 394-2023









Larry D. Layne
Eldercare Chaplain
(334) 394-2012

Sarah Gilchrist Snell
Client Services Officer
(334) 394-2021

Robbie Willis
Ministry Admin. Assistant
(334) 394-2013

Stephanie Coston
Administrative Assistant
(334) 394-2000

Constance Westover
Development Admin. Assistant
(334) 394-2004


Jennifer H. Ogburn, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
(334) 394-2003


J. Rodney Bledsoe
Chief Development Officer
(334) 394-2025


Paula K. Smith
VP, Trust Operations
(334) 394-2011


Donna England
Assistant VP, Trust Operations
(334) 394-2017

Erin White
Trust Operations Officer
(334) 394-2014


Joseph N. Hocutt, II
Development Officer
(334) 394-202








Nathan Ealy

Development Officer
(334) 394-2036