A unique ministry of The Baptist Foundation of Alabama, Elder Care is perhaps the most beneficial to our clients. Many of them are able to live quality lives during their senior years because of The Foundation’s ministry to ensure adequate medical care and other everyday services.

The Foundation is committed to helping our elderly clients maximize the use of their resources for personal care needs. In many cases, our Vice President for Ministry regularly checks on the Elder Care clients to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and have all that they may practically need to live a quality life.

The quality of one’s life is of utmost importance in every decision made on behalf of our clients. The services provided to individuals are varied. Some clients may only need a phone call or a personal visit every now and then and they remain in full charge of their financial or health care needs. They draw comfort in knowing that should a period of temporary or permanent incapacity occur, they have everything in place necessary for a family member or The Foundation to speak with their health care providers on their behalf or insure their financial assets are looked after.

The Elder Care ministry is what makes The Foundation unique as a Trust Agency. In many cases, we work in conjunction with a family member or members and serve in a support role handling the business aspect of one’s health care or other needs. These services may include employing or paying sitters. The Foundation’s administrative role may include the Durable Power of Attorney, the Advanced Directive for Health Care, which includes the Living Will and the Health Care Proxy, and a Living (Revocable) Trust.

Have you prepared your estate for the possibility of sudden or gradual incapacity? There are certain measures you can take which will help you have peace of mind from knowing that should incapacity come, you are prepared. If you believe we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call us at (334) 394-2000.